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Trap construction

Photos of the 80 metre traps that I used in my 30/40/80/160 trap dipole.
The antenna was at an average height of 35 ft. The 80 mtr traps use 50mm couplers and inspection caps
in place of the 40mm fittings used for the 40 mtr traps, and weigh 202gm each.
30mtr traps were fitted at 23ft out from centre.

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Two 80 mtr Traps 80mtr Trap size 40m & 80m Ant layout

To change the number of bands, for test purposes, I simply insert dogbone insulators before the appropriate traps. I fit solder tags to all wires and fix them with stainless steel screws, nuts and washers and I dip the tags into a tub of petroleum jelly before assembly.
This makes for easy modification to the system and I have had no problems with poor connections during many years of constructing aerials. I also know the precise length of any wire since there are no twisted loops of unknown length at the end of the wires.
I can lower/raise the whole system in less than 10 minutes so it is no problem to change the setup for testing purposes.
I am currently looking at fitting 20m traps in the multi-bander. These traps will be much less sophisticated, without end-caps and about half the size and weight of the current traps.

The way things are going I will finish up with a lot of traps joined together with some short bits of wire and a severe droop at the feed-point . . .